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2006, The Year of the Dog. MLTAWA wishes all members a successful and enjoyable school year.

The November Newsletter has been uploaded

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Risk Management Workshop in November

Visit for new tours, conferences, Scholarships and other events. News is updated frequently.

MLTAT 2006 State Conference - Languages: Passport to Understanding - August 11-12 2006 - Inveresk, Launceston - Call for papers now open


Welcome to the Home Page of the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (MLTAWA). We are the professional association that represents teachers of all languages taught in Western Australian schools, TAFEs and tertiary institutions.

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The MLTAWA, along with all the other state associations, is affiliated with the national body, the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers’ Association (AFMLTA), which is involved in a range of activities aimed at promoting the teaching and learning of languages. These include representing language teachers in the formulation of government languages policies and initiatives at the federal level.

Our state association, the MLTAWA, represents Western Australian languages teachers at a national and state level through promoting the teaching and learning of languages, lobbying on significant issues, advising and preparing submissions for governments, committees, industry and the community, providing professional leadership at the state level across all languages and phases of schooling, compiling and distributing information about language learning and teaching through newsletters and emails and supporting the professional development of languages teachers through conferences, seminars and workshops.

The MLTAWA is the umbrella organization for all languages and, as such, complements and supports the work of the various “unilingual” or single language associations that represent all of the individual languages taught in Western Australia. Our role is to focus on Big Picture issues that are relevant to all languages, promoting debate and discussion within and across languages. This creates solid ground and purpose for the unilinguals to focus on relevant, language-specific issues that are proving beneficial to hundreds of Western Australian language teachers. italy-cinque2.jpg (527623 bytes)
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Strengthening our common ground is essential to our aim of increasing the number of Western Australian students who continue their language learning through to the adult years, ensuring they reach the highest possible levels of achievement. This will undoubtedly prove invaluable in creating future world citizens.